Feature Ideas

Have a feature that you'd like us to implement in Kallyas? Here you can add your own features and vote for the features you're missing.

  1. Implement new Zion Builder plugin into Kallyas

    Add https://zionbuilder.io/ to Kallyas theme

    Balasa Sorin Stefan


  2. PHP 8.0 compatibility

    Is Kallyas PHP 8.0 compatible?

    Matt S
    #Deal Breaker 💔


  3. Multiple Adding Images

    Now in the case when it is necessary to add 120 photos to the gallery, we make 120 movements instead of one. It would be great to fix this in one click.

    #Improvement 👍


  4. Recreate All Demos with the new Zion Builder

    All demos need to be recreated using the new Zion Builder

    Nicola Mihaita


  5. RECAPTCHA Version 3

    This currently does not work and we have to use V2 which is not as secure so end up getting spam please allow RECAPTCHA V3 work

    Ian P


  6. Zion Builder - Add Undo/Redo functionality

    Add Undo/Redo functionality to Zion Builder. This is an important feature to have in a builder.

    Dmitriy S
    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗


  7. Import/export system for new Zion Builder plugin

    This is an alternative to the one click installation from the Kallyas theme. Where you can export all theme settings including menus, mega-menus internal links, icons etc.

    Nicola Mihaita


  8. Gobally change an element across a website

    When you have configured an element that will appear on multiple pages you can then make a change to that element that translates to all other instances of that element rather than having to go through each page and make the same change

    Ian P


  9. Responsive previews

    We should be able to preview how our pages will look like in all sizes in the builder. Many elements are still not mobile friendly (hope it's gonna change also)



  10. Page builder having problems with Elements pop-up

    When in Page builder view, there is this Elements "pop-up" at the bottom where I can choose elements, save elements, search elements. When I try to enter a search in search field to look for an element, it hides the block, not allowing to open it back up. I am always forced to refresh the page and then it works, BUT I am unable to use the search field. This makes it frustrating, because I have to search manually the element each time.

    #Bug 🐛


  11. No upgrade since 2020 !

    Hello What's going on at Kallyas ? no more evolution since 2020, at the time it was WP 5.6 we are on WP 6.1.1. Personally I have more and more bugs from update to update of the WP version, are you going to make a move very soon ? or do we pass everything on another builder ?



  12. Update on Release - When?

    No timeline has been presented

    Matt S


  13. Make Blog better

    Make the blog better , background , sidebar , buddypress login form all outdated looks . So if we have more options and designs related to the blog page it would be useful .

    Anaz khan
    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗#Styling 🎨


  14. Payment POP UP or Multipage checkout option.

    We would like to see the option of a payment pop up (credit card info) or a 2 page checkout option to increase security and less likely be targets for things such as credit card test events.

    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗


  15. Improve compatibility with PHP 8.0/8.1

    Gutenberg editor doesn't work when switched to PHP 8.0/8.1. It shows a blank page or an error message.

    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗