New updates and improvements to kallyas

The future of KallyasX.

We get a lot of questions about Kallyas updates, such as why we haven’t done any updates lately.


The answer is that we are working on the next version of Kallyas, which instead of Kallyas v5 will be called KallyasX because this is a major update.


In order to keep up with the new trends in the world of website building, we had to rewrite from scratch all the code for the page builder, resulting in a brand new page builder superior to the previous one.


This builder will also be called Zion Builder and comes with major improvements in performance, speed, flexibility, and features, being one of the fastest page builders in the world if not the fastest.


Zion Builder was launched in 2020 as a separate plugin and you can follow its progress at It is not ready for Kallyas yet, we still have to do the implementation with the theme after which we will launch KallyasX with the new version of Zion Builder included.


This update is a major one, and the main reason why I haven’t released updates with new features for Kallyas, but we promise you the wait will be worth it, you can test the builder here